More questions?

In some way or another, we would have encountered the need to fill out questionnaires. Regardless if it is to help a friend of yours who’s attempting to do market research on their project or some stranger that you bump into while strolling down the streets for a short survey as they would usually imply or providing feedback for a module/restaurant/service.

Not In A Million Chance! (Bad Examples)

Let us consider some of the distressing questionnaires.

Some scenarios:

  • 30 questions + all of them open-ended questions
  • 40 questions + close-ended but populated with 10 choices each + long sentences for each choice

To avoid:

  • long sentences
  • lengthy questionnaires coupled with boring questions
  • insensitive questions

Tipping Of The Hat 🙂 (Good Examples)

Let’s now partake in the fine tasty grapes.

  • elicit a positive engagement from the respondent
  • accurate responses
  • sustained interest


  • Be concise
  • Always have the respondent in mind

All right, you can go and fill out those questionnaires now.


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