Classical elements of web design

Web designs are such a quintessential part of the internet that as users, we do not give much thought about it. Take for example the Google search engine (pictured above) that we have grown so accustomed to.  It has a concise, simple and minimal design, providing information on what we have inquire about with clear signs and short descriptions of the site we are about to click on. However, there are sporadic lapses where we raged and be absolutely confounded by a new website that violates the classical elements of a web design which can both be daunting and traumatising to the user.

Lingscars (a site that provides cars for hire)


The website floods the user with not only a sea of information, but also with jarring colours, inconsistent fonts choices coupled with confusing navigation links. This has quite a disconcerting effect on the user and simply warrant a quick and swift exit of the site by the user.

In direct juxtaposition is the news site, Guardian.

The site has demonstrated a good web design in spite of having to display and containing a plethora of information. It provides guidance with an organized page that enables the reader to navigate smoothly throughout the site even though the home page is constantly updated with the latest news. There are a few key elements of web design that is employed by the site:

  • Navigation (segregation of the various content in different categories e.g. top bar with World, Politics, Media, etc…)
  • Typography (consistent font choices and size coupled with the choice of colour for the fonts)
  • Spacing (adequate between each news stories with good padding)
  • Consistency (coherent between pages)
  • Usability (providing short excerpts of the newstories

In short, the classical elements of web design should always have the user in mind providing an ease of use and to be aesthetically pleasant.


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